The final group stage meetings are coming in play this weekend. In the final round of ESL One: Road to Rio group stage, Vitality will compete with Heretics for the place in Playoffs. Can the “dark horse” win more famous opponents? Or ZywOo and CO can easily cope with the task and advance further? Vitality vs Heretics, May 9, 18:30 CEST.

Vitality news and stats

I could not imagine that after a striking victory over Fnatic, the French will have such a terrible match with ENCE. Team Vitality could not even break through the total rounds, which is a disgusting result for #9 world team. At Mirage, the meeting began rather harmlessly, but in the second half the Finns spoke their weighty word and won with a score of 16:9. An even more deplorable scenario was on Nuke – a loss of 6:16.

Heretics news and stats

Heretics is the main surprise of the ESL One: Road to Rio group stage. The French impose fierce competition not only on the middle peasants, but also on the obvious favorites. In the final cut, the “heretics” played against Ninjas in Pajamas. The French easily won on Nuke (16:10), but it was no longer possible to show the same beautiful game on Overpass – 3:16. At Vertigo, the lady luck was again on the side of the experienced ninjas.

Vitality vs Heretics – Match Winner

According to eSports odds, Team Vitality is a favorite to win in this match, as the latest odds on them are 1.54. Meanwhile, in the case of Team Heretics victory, you will multiply your bet by 2.54 times. This will be the first meeting between these teams. Heretics has break into the tier1 csgo stage with beautiful victories over Dignitas, ENCE and Complexity. Nevertheless, the team is now having a 3-game losing streak after the confrontations with group A strongest teams. Vitality is showing mixed results, but I believe ZywOo and CO have enough experience and team chemistry to destroy Heretics in ‘win or go home’ match. Therefore, for this match, I will go with a betting tip, Match Winner – Vitality with the latest eSports odds 1.54.

*Published: 12:00 CEST 08/05/2020. Please, note that the odds may differ from the publish date. The betting prediction is written by Headless Horseman. Take care, consider your bets wisely and never lose your head!