G’day community,

Halloween is close and we want to share the truth about one man. Americans know him from “The Legends of Sleepy Hollow”, Irish knows him as Dullahan, Scottish as a guy called Ewen, English read about him in the poem “Gawain and the Green Knight”. Yes, this article will be about The Headless Horseman. But we know the true story about him.

Once upon a time, our team was lacking a manager for writing betting tips to our bellowed community and we found a strange CV in the inbox of some freelancer. We scheduled an interview and were more than just surprised. In front of us, appeared The Headless Horseman. During the interview word by word, he revealed the true story about him. Many years ago he tried to earn a lot of many placing all his money on 31 black. Eventually, he lost and after coming home his wife knocked his head off with a frying pan. He said that the frying pan was were similar to the one in PUBG. 

Anyway, the guy didn’t want money for his work. He agreed to work only if we give him free bets so that he could find that one bet which will bring him the biggest win in this life.

So, starting from Monday the 28th of October find him in our social media and maybe he will give you a present. If he won’t lose it in slots 😊