European finals will not be the last game on WeSave! Charity Play event for the winning team. Twitch viewers have donated enough to see EU vs CIS final so that the best EU team will meet with HellRaisers who surprisingly smashed NaVi 3-0. Team Liquid vs Nigma, best-of-five match on March 25, 17:00 CEST.

Team Liquid news and stats

The Americans won the first meeting in the tournament. They beat OG 2-0, thereby interrupting the 2-match losing streak. On March 13, Team Liquid completed their appearances at The Summit, where they suffered two defeats at the semi-finals from Fnatic 2-0 and OG Seed 2-0. In addition to the two defeats, there was a draw with Thunder Predator 1-1. So in the last 4 games, the team had only one victory, which is not very good before meeting with such a formidable opponent. Liquid is on the sixth line in the world ranking and plays unstable for their level. Often the “horses” lose to tier-2 teams end the matches with a draw. Let’s see how Liquid will deal with Nigma, that is on an incredible upswing!

Nigma news and stats

The team defeats everyone in its path. Nigma got 5 victories in a row, with three of them to Nil. On February 23, Nigma won the WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon, defeating Team Secret in the final with a score of 2-3. The same opponent caught the team on March 23 at WeSave! Charity Play. They dealt with Secrets again and won 0-2. In the last five games, Nigma often took the first map, so this fact is worth taking note.

Team Liquid vs Nigma – Match Winner

According to eSports odds, Nigma is a big favorite to win in this best-of-five match, as the latest odds on the team are 1.36. Meanwhile, in the case of Team Liquid victory, you will multiply your bet by 2.98 times. Nigma is clearly stronger. They win very often and are currently are in great shape. It is hard to believe that Nigma will win to Nil. Still, the bo5 series provides the battle of up to three victories. Based on the semi-finals, I’m sure Nigma will beat Team Liquid. Therefore, I will go with two betting tips for this match, Match Winner – Nigma with the latest eSports odds 1.36. Moreover, considering the above-mentioned stats I will pick Nigma for Winner Map 1 with betting odds 1.54.

*Published: 13:30 CEST 25/03/2020. Please, note that the odds may differ from the publish date. The betting prediction is written by Headless Horseman. Take care, consider your bets wisely and never lose your head!