As part of the 3rd week of ESL One: Road to Rio group stage, GODSENT will meet Mousesports. “Mice” have no right to make a mistake! Mousesports must gather and show the Counter-Strike that we are waiting for. GODSENT vs Mouz, May 8, 18:30.

GODSENT news and stats

“Sent by God” was clearly unlucky to face FaZe Clan. Why? Now FaZe is in their best conditions over the past six months. ‘Coldzera’ tears everyone right and left, ‘NiKo’ hangs crazy frags, and ‘broky’ shows himself cool with a sniper rifle. It is understandable why GODSENT lost the meeting with a score of 0-2. There were theoretical chances for Nuke, but Europeans showed themselves poorly in defense.

Mousesport news and stats

I thought that the “mice” would crumble in the match against G2, but I was pleasantly surprised by their game. If the Europeans didn’t succeed in crushing the opponents on the first map, then on the train we saw a completely different team. On the final map Dust2, there was a wild struggle on both sides. “Mice” turned out to be slightly stronger and beat opponents with a score of 16:14.

GODSENT vs Mouz – Match Winner

According to eSports odds, Mousesports is a big favorite to win in this match, as the latest odds on them are 1.26. Meanwhile, in the case of GODSENT victory, you will multiply your bet by 3.59 times. In the standings, mousesports are in the red zone. Europeans must definitely win, otherwise, they may not get into the next stage. Given that the “mice” have a lot of experience behind them, I think it will not be a hard task. Therefore, for this match, I will go with a betting tip, Match Winner – Mousesports with Map Advantage -1.5 with the lastest eSports odds 1.96.

*Published: 14:30 CEST 07/05/2020. Please, note that the odds may differ from the publish date. The betting prediction is written by Headless Horseman. Take care, consider your bets wisely and never lose your head!