During the final week of ESL One: Road to Rio Europe, the teams will hold their last two matches on the group stage. Neither of the team is enjoying a nice position in Group A standings, having more defeats and victories. Both of them urgently need to win to get at least minimal chances on advancing further. Complexity vs Fnatic, May 6, 18:30 CEST.

CompLexity Gaming news and stats

Let’s look at the last team match in more detail, Complexity vs NiP. The meeting began on the favorite CoL map – Mirage. With great difficulty, the Europeans finished it in their favor. Already at the Vertigo, the “ninjas” flashed a chic game and did not allow their rivals to impose their pace. The final map – Train again had some surprises. Both teams fought to the last, but in the end, the Swedes pushed and won 16:12.

Fnatic news and stats

Fnatic showed not the best Counter-Strike in the game against Vitality. As expected, the French team picked Dust2. Winning with a score of 12:3, the guys relaxed a bit and allowed Fnatic to make a leap forward, but not for long. The Swedes won on Inferno, but on mirage, the French said their weighty word. I would like to separately praise ZywOo, who made 94 kills in total for three maps.

Complexity vs Fnatic – Match Winner

According to X-Bet.co eSports odds, Fnatic is a big favorite to win in this match, as the latest odds on them are 1.28. Meanwhile, in the case of Complexity victory, you will multiply your bet by 3.78 times. Both teams play absolutely all the maps. Most likely, CoL will try their luck on Vertigo or Mirage. Fnatic should prevail on Inferno, Nuke, Train, and Overpass. Fnatic is having more chances to advance further after winning the upcoming match. However, I hope that Complexity will not disappoint and show the real fighting spirit. Therefore, for this match, I will go for a betting tip, Total Maps Played – Over 2.5 with the latest X-Bet.co eSports odds 2.15.

*Published: 14:30 CEST 05/05/2020. Please, note that the odds may differ from the publish date. The betting prediction is written by Headless Horseman. Take care, consider your bets wisely and never lose your head!